Sea Czar, Ruff Life's own Salty Dog
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Czar's usual pose. He would cooly ignore yolas filled with Snapping Tourists.

No one was aware of Czar's hatred of water, until this creek in Oregon.
Therefore, he had to be carried aboard Ruff Life the first few days. His entire life, he side- stepped puddles.

A dog's life

Chauffered to shore

Prancing through the mangroves resulted in a tick infestation.

A beautiful soul.
Influenced as a kid by Jesus Christ Superstar, I couldn't resist playing with Czaraphus.
He tolerated my antics

...but you've seen reindogs before.

Gentle grooming

Czar has appeared on TV, in print and countless tourist photos.

Ageing gracefully

Puerto Rico has too many street dogs, or Satos. "Petey" (ala Our Gang); lived around the dinghy dock. She was the sweetest, and pregnant all the time. Even Czar became a Dad once before becoming a Soprano. Both adorable pups were adopted right away. For a Sato, Petey lasted a long, long time.
Christmas on the boat was always fun. Czar's home made paw stocking was filled with gourmet dog treats.

Czar lived most of his 13 years on board Ruff Life in Puerto Rico, and is buried on friend's beautiful property in Papayo. Rest in peace, B-Czar.


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