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Welcome to Ruff Life

Who can resist the lure of Sea Salt on your Soul instead of Chicken Soup, cruising to far off places with unpronounceable names you accurately recite once home? My mid-life crisis took off with a bang in 1997 when I purchased, sight-unseen, King Tut, a 33 foot Marine Trader later renamed Ruff Life, and set sail from Florida with no particular destination in mind...

"Completely inexperienced and navigating using a hand held GPS, I hoped oversized Czar would be enough to repel any Pirates of the Caribbean.  Shell-shocked with a vastly depleted kitty after only a few months, I remained in picturesque la Parguera, Puerto Rico, for a dozen years, supporting myself primarily as an Artesana de higuera, or gourd artist, while battling cultural quirks, raging hormones and the IRS.  The madness ended eventually; not as I’d expected, but propelling me towards a new direction I never imagined."

UPDATE APRIL 2019: I've been working for years to put my journal notes, photos and trivia into a manuscript for publication. I finally realized I could be dead by the time I make it through the formal process; and since my goal has not been to make money so much as share my story of fulfilling my Dream on a Shoestring I have decided to begin a NEW BLOG and post my story, chapter by chapter, accompanied by tons of photographs. Therefore, please enjoy...
Ruff Life at Sea



...inside a vintage trawler
ruff life trawler artist's life

...gourdeous bowls, baskets and fluff


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